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The House Concert has hosted an annual festival where concerts are held in local culture and arts centers as well as places in our daily lives such as schools, military camps, train stations, churches, cathedrals, hospitals and private houses.

The House Concert had continuously held festivals from 2008 to 2011 to support artistic experiment where amazing sounds, videos, and movements coexist. Starting from Free, Music Festival 2012 which hosted 100 concerts in a week, the House Concert has continuously held festivals including ONE DAY Festival 2013 which held 65 concerts simultaneously throughout Korea. Recently, it also hosted ONE DAY Festival: Collaboration of Korea, China, and Japan. 94 concerts were held across 3 nations with the common theme of tearing down the walls between countries and musical genres. Through the festivals, the House Concert has presented its challenge spirit and cultural experiments.

The history of the House Concerts festivals will continue in 2015, 2016, and on to tear down them and us attitude as well as the wall between the audience and the artists by sharing the moment and the space.

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